Amber + Matthew

Amber + Matthew's wedding day was such a sweet celebration of love, family, + friendship. Right away, I noticed just how close every relationship was. It was obvious to me that Amber + Matthew love others well, especially one another. 

As you'll see, Amber made a STUNNING bride + Matthew was such a good sport. He climbed in that tin fishing boat without (too much) hesitation so that we could get some super sweet footage of them immediately following their ceremony. I had so much fun with these two! 

Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Delk! Go marriage! 

Photographer: Janet Lynn Photography
Florist: A Rose Garden
Dress: The White Room
Bridesmaid's Dresses: My Best Friend Jenna's
Groomsmen's Attire: Street Tuxedo
Makeup: Randilee Fields + Mary Beth McCoy
Cake: Destinee Geasley
Stationer: Meredith Gunn/Mississippi Ink

Morgan + Caleb

Caleb had just one, simple rule for dating...and then decided when it came to Morgan, rules were meant to be broken.

Morgan is absolutely the most positive bride I have ever had the joy of working with. On her wedding day, also known as the hottest day of the year (seriously), she kept saying, "Ya know, it's really not that hot out here...It isn't too bad...I feel great!" And I genuinely think she believed her pep talks to herself. She is such a sweet person + it didn't take long to see that she is adored by her family, friends, + most of all by Caleb. 

Theirs was such a gorgeous wedding day! I always enjoy filming at Belle Meade Plantation because of it's natural beauty + character. 

I feel so honored to have gotten to film Morgan + Caleb's wedding day. Their personal vows + killer Best Man/Maid of Honor speeches made my job of telling their story pretty easy. It was so fun to create their highlight + showcase their love for one another. 

Kody + Jesse

This is the kind of wedding day that a videographer's dreams are made of. Bold statement, I know, but it's 100% true. Perfect weather, relaxed bride, smitten groom, friendliest of family + friends, stunning flowers, & awesome photographer. 

Kody wanted to be married at her dad's hunting lodge + it was so perfect. I felt like I was totally not in western KY anymore when I looked at their ceremony site. It was just surreal. 

Kody + Jesse were a joy to work with. Kody is a true southern sweetheart! Her laugh is super contagious + her southern drawl is stinkin' adorable. She can also rock a flower crown like no other! I'm so happy for these two. They make a great pair. 

Go marriage! 

Taylor + Logan

Does it really get any better than madly in love newlyweds dancing in a thunderstorm at the end of their wedding day? Nope. 

Taylor + Logan's wedding day was beyond gorgeous! Every detail had me drooling. Despite the pretty hefty storm that blew up mid-reception, Taylor + Logan kept positive, care-free attitudes. It was awesome! They were just happy to be with dear friends + family. Taylor's mom, Joy, is one of the most hospitable people I have ever met. When the storm tried to cut the reception short, she welcomed every guest into her home without a flinch + the party continued! I could film wedding days like this one forever + never grow tired of it. 

Thank you, Mr. + Mrs. Oakley for having me. Go marriage!

Photographer: Rachael Houser Photography
Florist: Flower + Furbish
Dress: Tina Mariott
Makeup: F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry
Hair: Blair Collins
Florist: Flower + Furbish
Caterer: Daundra Clark
Coordinator: Karla Champion

Emily + Tyler

There are about a bajillion reasons why I love doing what I do. One of those reasons is because I love getting to know + become friends with my clients + their families. Two years ago, Emily's brother Cole got married + I filmed his wedding day. I remember that wedding day so vividly because it was stunning + so. much. fun. When Emily emailed me, asking me to film her day, I was stoked! 

I loved the details of Emily + Tyler's wedding day! I am a succulent fan so when I saw that Emily had planted succulents in vintage tea cups for her guests, I flipped! So sweet. All of the greenery (please take note of the rockin' flower crown) had me giddy. And the fact that the venue was on the lake didn't hurt. 

It was such a fantastic day. I am so happy for the new Mr. + Mrs. Coriell. Go marriage!

Ashlee + Tyler

Wow. I genuinely can't find the words to say how much I love these two. My family first met Tyler 2 years ago when I filmed his baptism video; a short video to be played at church just before he was baptized. Logan + I ended up talking with Tyler for quite a long time that night + instantly loved him. We are also crazy about Ashlee...+ Ashlee is pretty crazy herself, ha! You won't find a more fun-loving gal. They are both amazing! 

Ashlee + Tyler's wedding day was the perfect mix of laughter + tears. There were moments that I thought I'd wet my pants from laughing so hard. And there were also moments that had me fighting back tears. I think their highlight film gives you a great look at those + everything in between. 

I love these two. God is going to use their marriage in crazy good ways. Congrats, Ashlee + Tyler! 

Audrey + Cortland

As a videographer, not much makes me giddier than heartfelt letters exchanged between the bride + groom before the ceremony, personally-written vows during the ceremony, or solid speeches at the reception. When you get all three during the same wedding day, it's a GRAND SLAM. Y'all, I'm not exaggerating when I say I was giddy the entire time I was editing this film. 

Audrey + Cortland are such a great couple. What really stuck out to me throughout their wedding day was how loved they are by those around them. During the reception, there were four speeches. That's unusual. It was also awesome. Each of the four speeches were so genuine. That spoke volumes to me that Audrey + Cortland love others well. 

I love the style of this wedding so much! Everything had a personal touch. Audrey wanted to get married on the same property where so many of her childhood memories were made. She told her mother that she wanted to continue making good memories there, one of those memories being her wedding day. Speaking of Audrey's mother, Mrs. Edith is a wonder woman! The gorgeous cakes? She made them. As well as so many of the other special details. There's so much more I could say about this amazing day, but I'll let the highlight film do the talking. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Kemp! Go marriage!

Photographer: Megg Allison Photography
Florist: Flower + Furbish
Dress: LVD Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Anne's Bridals
Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse
Hair: O'So Beautiful
Makeup: F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry
Stationer: Prim and Proper Events

Kristen + Josh

Within 5 minutes of being with Kristen + her girls on her wedding day, I knew. I knew it was going to be a fun, relaxed day. The weather was gorgeous, just a tad on the warm side. When Kristen's limo pulled up + the driver informed her that the AC was unfortunately out, she laughed it off + wanted to take a ride anyway! It didn't matter to her one bit that her hair + makeup was already done. She + her bridesmaids simply rolled the windows down + let it fly! I got to ride along with them to capture the laughs.

Kristen is the kind of friend we'd all like to have. She is genuine, easy-going, and so funny. It was easy to see that she loves others well...+ she is loved by others right back. Josh is completely smitten with her + he can make her laugh like none other. 

These two were such a joy to film. I simply cannot remember there being any signs of stress in either of them. I loved being with them on their wedding day...+ the amazing live band sure didn't hurt!

Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Morris! Go marriage!

Photographer: Chelsea Roberson Photography 
Florist: Blossoms Flowers + Gifts
Dress: Allure Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie
Groomsmen Attire: Jos. A Bank
Band: The King Beez
Cake: Two Krazy Kake Ladies
Caterer: Me + My Tea Room

Allie + Rob

Allie + Rob are two of the most genuine people I have ever met. They are super crazy about each other + they don't mind showing it! Watching them interact on their wedding day was so fun. They had a way of teasing each other in such a sweet, innocent way. 

My favorite part of the day was immediately following the ceremony when we got to go up to the rooftop to capture some moments of just Allie + Rob, newly married. Their joy was obvious. They were both so relaxed + the lighting was gorgeous. 

I loved this day. Congrats to Mr. + Mrs. Fry! Go marriage!

Venue: Irvin Cobb Event Center - Paducah, KY
Photographer: Megg Allison Photography
Dress: David's Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Davis Clothing


Morgan + Tyler

Oh my goodness, I genuinely love Morgan + Tyler. I have never seen a happier couple. Morgan could not stop giggling whenever Tyler was around. My cheeks were sore from smiling so big. I'm just so happy for them! 

Their personal vows got to me, too. They're the sweetest. It is obvious that Morgan + Tyler are ADORED by their families + friends + I know that's because Morgan + Tyler both love others so well. They are servant-hearted + can make even a stranger feel like a best friend. Can you tell I am giddy about this one?!

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Colyer! GO MARRIAGE!

Annamaria + Caleb

Anna + Caleb's wedding day was as close to flawless as they come. The venue (Heartwood Hall) was gorgeous + the perfect place to make Anna's Gone with the Wind wedding dream a reality. Anna + Caleb are crazy for one another + their personal wedding vows tell their love story that is made for the movies. 

Anna is such a bright, warm person. It is obvious that people are drawn to her. And Caleb (as well as his groomsmen) had everyone laughing throughout the day. I loved  getting to capture such a genuine couple on their wedding day. 

The amazing venue, a horse-drawn carriage, the stunning wedding gown made perfect by a stunning bride, + a groom completely I said, a flawless wedding day. 

I am so happy for you, Mr. + Mrs. Fish. Go marriage!

Kenzie + Blake

The weather has finally become fall-like! Ah! No better way to celebrate than filming Kenzie + Blake's wedding day! 

Their friends are right - Kenzie + Blake's love for one another is so obvious to everyone. It's awesome. They are both super chill + definitely bring out the silly, goofy side of each other. I had so much fun getting to know their families + friends throughout the day. These two are very much loved! 

It wasn't just the weather that was gorgeous! Everything about the wedding day was beautiful. I love the color scheme that Kenzie chose! The flowers, decor, cake, lighting...+ a phenomenal celebration to boot. You're going to love it all.

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Abbott! As always, go marriage!

Kelsey + Alex

Hands down, without a doubt my favorite part of this wedding day was the first time Alex saw Kelsey. Alex had been pretty quiet + reserved all day long. I wasn't sure how he was going to react when he saw just how stunning his bride was. His reaction certainly did not disappoint. He could not wait to wrap his arms around her! I was smiling so hard that it hurt. And I had that same smile on my face while editing their film.

These two ooze love for each other. They had a way of making everyone around them feel loved, too. 

There were so many details that went into this day + everything turned out just beautiful. I loved spending the day with Kelsey + Alex! I am so beyond thrilled for them. Go marriage! 

Hannah + Caleb

I fell in love with Hannah + Caleb within 2 minutes of being around them. They're both so genuine + caring + lighthearted. Their wedding day felt like a breeze...but I won't lie - it was pretty hot out there, ha!

These two love each other so much. And they love Jesus which makes their love even more radiant. When I recorded their letters to one another I got so giddy thinking of their future + the plans I know God has for their marriage. It's going to be awesome! 

Hannah + Caleb are so loved. Everyone was eager + overjoyed to celebrate with them. The party was nonstop + the dance moves had me wanting to join the dance floor. (Don't worry. I resisted. Being 33 weeks pregnant + bustin' moves do not go well together.) 

I had such a great time filming this wedding day! Thank you for having me, Mr. + Mrs. Hardy! Go marriage!

Sarah + Thomas

This. Wedding. Wow. 

I had the best time filming Sarah + Thomas on their wedding day. They're both awesome + I seriously could not stop smiling watching them together. They are a videographer's dream! They were super natural with each other. Thomas totally nailed the 90/10 pose, (or as he liked to call it, "The Teaser").

At 22 strong, their wedding party was no joke...but they kept the jokes rolling all day. So much fun. The day flew by!

Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Downen! I was honored to capture your day. Go marriage!


Kelsey + Josh

I cannot begin to tell you how much the Ward family has meant to me over the years. So when Josh called me + ask me to film his wedding day, I was honored. Josh + I met many moons ago when we worked together at First Baptist Church in Huntingdon, TN for a summer. It is my home church + although Josh was living + attending church in Jackson, his grandfather was the pastor at FBC so we were both pretty stoked. That summer was a blast! We worked directly with the youth group + if you know anything about youth ministry, you know that anything can happen. So Josh + I got to scheme up tons of fun events + videos for the students + I learned he's just a super guy. 

It was so great to meet + instantly love Kelsey. Her dry sense of humor + matter-of-factness are things I appreciate. She's also super kind-hearted + you can tell she's adored by so many. 

These two have such a genuine + Christ-centered love for one another. I loved filming their day + capturing all the sweet smiles + passionate looks that they exchanged. The ceremony was perfect + the reception was a PAR-TAY. A groomsman literally ripped his pants while breaking it down...+ I caught it all on camera! I also had to resist the temptation of including Mrs. Lois, Josh's grandmother + my childhood pastor's wife, in every reception clip. This pastor's wife can dance, y'all! 

Thank you SO MUCH for having me, Mr. + Mrs. Ward. Seriously, honored. Go marriage!

Mandy + Sawyer

Hearing Mandy + Sawyer's friends talk about their relationship was super sweet. It seemed as though each friend had a specific memory of when they knew Mandy + Sawyer were meant to be together. I loved hearing their stories + learning more about Mandy + Sawyer's dating days.

I was THRILLED when Mandy told me that she + Sawyer wanted to nail their shoes on Murray State's shoe tree immediately following the ceremony. The shoe tree is one of my favorite traditions at MSU. If two students meet at Murray State, fall in love and then marry, they will have good luck if each partner nails a shoe to it. Mandy + Sawyer are both die-hard Racers (as am I!) so it was so much fun to get some footage of them in the quad embracing this tradition. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Lawson! Thank you for having me. Go marriage! 


Tori + Bill

What a seamless wedding day this was! I'm serious - it flew by! Everything was so perfectly relaxed. 

Tori + Bill are one of those couples that simply go together. I loved watching them interact all day. The best part? They wrote their own wedding vows! Confession: I get giddy when a couple tells me they are reciting personal wedding vows. I love it. Maybe it's because my husband + I wrote our own. Maybe it's because I think it makes a film that much more personal. I don't know. Whatever it is, I just love it. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Schroeder! Thank you SO MUCH for having me. Go marriage!

Allie + Justen

Allie + Justen are simply perfect for one another. They chose not to see one another before the ceremony so they were apart all morning. They chose to read the letters they had each written to the other for the camera: Justen reading his to Allie + Allie reading hers to Justen. I loved it! They were like secret messages to each other + a great way to document all the feelings + emotions that go into a wedding day. 

Allie was ridiculously chill. Possibly the most calm bride I have ever filmed. She instantly put everyone around her at ease. And Justen was just funny. He + his groomsmen kept me laughing with their antics + slam dunks...on a tiny basketball goal.

I had a wonderful time documenting Allie + Justen's wedding day! They are just so natural with one another + it is obvious that their friends + families adore them.

THANK YOU, Mr. + Mrs. Pollock for inviting me to capture your day. It was perfect + a true joy. Go marriage! 

Laney + Logan

I knew that Laney + Logan's wedding day was going to be a fun one the very first time Laney asked me about filming it. She is such a spunky sweetheart + Logan adores her for it. 

The day was so much about family ties. I loved all of the sweet details. Laney chose to wear her mother's wedding dress. She had it altered quite a bit + she looked absolutely stunning in it. The church was as packed as I've ever seen one for the ceremony. So many people came to show love + support for Laney + Logan! The gorgeous reception took place in Laney's grandparents' yard + the send-off was complete with sparklers + fireworks. It was such a perfect way to wish the new Mr. + Mrs. Dillard a very happy beginning! 

Thank you so much for having me, Mr. + Mrs. Dillard! Wishing you two all the good stuff. Go marriage!