Kristin + Tate

This wedding day is one-of-a-kind. The wedding coordinator (Prim and Proper Events) + I agreed that this was a first. The outdoor ceremony + reception venue looked SO stunning. The weather was hot, but sunny…until about fifteen minutes before the ceremony’s start time.

It started to pour. And the radar showed no signs of stopping. The bride, Kristin, handled it like a champ, pretty much declared, “I just want to get married,” + the entire set-up was moved indoors by the most cheerful + helpful wedding guests you have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Kind folks were hauling tables, loading fine china, + lugging heavy flower-filled vases with BIG smiles on their faces; happy to help! It was truly awesome to witness. I’m so honored I got to be there to document it.

Moving the ceremony indoors led to such an intimate space. It was beautiful! And Kristin + Tate were giddy to be getting married! I am so thrilled for them!

Go marriage!