Lily + Paul

When you wait until your wedding day for your first kiss, you’ve built up the anticipation…+ you’re sure to get your money’s worth! (Watch until the end of their video to see what I’m referring to!) And when the Father of the Bride writes a poem to his beloved daughter to read to her on her wedding day…well, just grab your tissues, folks. Lily + Paul’s story is one of the most precious I’ve had the joy of documenting. What a God-honoring pair these two are!

I have known + loved Lily for years now. She is kind, loving, + absolutely stunning. Although I didn’t know it was possible - those qualities in her were even more radiant on her wedding day. She is such a beauty…inside + out! Both Lily + Paul have been around our home + we adore them! I really love it when two awesome people get together.

This family + these friends know how to love well…+ celebrate well! I think their film tells their story better than my words ever could. Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Miller! Go marriage!