Samantha + Zachary

I don’t label myself a “cryer” but guys, I cried at this one. And not just the sweet teary-eyed deal. I mean, I cried such that I had to take a break to pep talk myself - “Pull it together, Stevie!”

You may remember Zach + Sam from their engagement video. (Pretty sure Zach is about done with me miking him up + putting a camera on him, ha!) My family has known + adored Sam for years + were thrilled when Zach asked her on their first date at our home! We have watched their relationship grow + it has been so fun! These two make an amazing pair.

What a wedding day this was! I’ve never had one go by faster! When you see the tear-jerker first looks + the amazing party that went well into the night, you’ll know what I mean. Pure joy all day long. This was a wedding day for the ages!

We love you, Shipleys! Congrats, congrats. Go marriage!