Catherine + Michael

When Catherine asked me to fly out to Austin, TX to film her wedding day, I was truly honored…+ overjoyed! Don’t get me wrong - I love filming hometown weddings, for sure, but I also enjoy traveling every now + again to mix things up. (I also enjoy airport coffee + the down time that usually comes with it. #adulting)

Since I was in town all weekend, I was able to attend Catherine + Michael’s rehearsal dinner. It was such a blast getting to meet their families + friends! Everyone involved with their wedding day was pure gold.

Any time I was capturing Mike + Cat together was my favorite part of the day. These two, you guys. Their love is so genuine + they are not afraid to show it! From the moment they were allowed to see one another, one another was all they wanted to see! All this love AND an absolutely rockin’ party!!! The entire weekend was quite the videographer’s dream.

I am so thrilled any time two genuinely awesome people get together. Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Gonzalez! Go marriage!