Lizzie + Cole

I’m convinced there will never be a more fun wedding day than Lizzie + Cole’s. What a wonderful team these two make! I feel extremely honored to have been asked to spend their wedding day with them! Never mind that there were flash flood warnings blowing up everyone’s phones + the insanely loud cracking thunder had us ducking for cover - the day was perfect.

To know Lizzie is to love her. I had a secret personal goal for the day: to capture Lizzie’s authentic laugh as many times as possible. Mission accomplished because Lizzie was laughing the entire day! Her hysterical tribe of sisters l had us all in stitches. There are four Balmer Sisters + it wasn’t long into the day before I was asking to be voted in as an honorary fifth!

What a PARTY. What a DAY. What a sweet, sweet love these two share.

Go marriage!