Emily + Daniel

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again - I love rainy wedding days. It isn’t a very popular opinion, I know but man, there’s just something so romantic + lovely about them. They bring us back to the essentials of a wedding day.

I have never met a more relaxed bride + groom. Emily + Daniel were both extremely chill (even when Emily dropped her earring down the drain of the sink). She simply borrowed a pair from a bridesmaid + declared, “I like this pair better anyway!” And that was the atmosphere all day long. Relaxed, energetic, + positive.

I am positive that these two bring out the very best in each other. They opted to read their letters aloud to one another + I am so glad they did. They tell their story beautifully.

What a wonderful wedding day! Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Kimble! I am honored to share your story. Go marriage!