Kelsey + Kyle

I have known Kelsey for quite some time + I have always known that she is genuinely fantastic. She is kind + loving + knows how to make everyone feel special. I was so pumped when Kelsey became my neighbor last year + even more pumped after meeting Kyle + hearing that they would soon be married. Doesn’t get much better than good neighbors, y’all!

After spending their wedding day with them, I am absolutely thrilled for both Kelsey + Kyle. They love each other so much…+ it shows. You’ll likely tell by their video that I loved capturing their pure excitement. They both have the best laughs!

Secret’s out: I love rainy wedding days. I find them so romantic. A rainy day wedding just seemed to fit Kelsey + Kyle; their style + comfort with one another. The day was perfect. I was thrilled to be a small part of it.

Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Johnson! Go marriage!