Maggie + Sam

Her father blamed it on allergies but just one look at Maggie + you'll see allergies had nothing to do with the tears. She was stunning. Sam thought so, too. I simply couldn't decide which "First Look" moment to put first in their film, so they had to be intermingled together. Maggie was a show-stopping, tear-starting bride. And her inner beauty is just as radiant as her outer beauty. 

Maggie + Sam are two of the most loving people I know. They draw people in with their Christ-like joy + their genuine love. They attract children like magnets, hence why there was a parade of them down the aisle just before Maggie made her entrance! It was so perfect. 

When Maggie + Sam agreed to read their letters to one another in person, I was ecstatic. I just knew it was the perfect choice for them. I cried + laughed by way through filming their letter readings. The moment was so perfect! I love that they were sitting together, face-to-face, as they read. Their true personalities came through + I was able to capture the comfort they feel when they are with each other. 

I love these two so much. And I am crazy happy for them as they begin their life together. Go marriage!