Sydney + Paxton

I love stories. Storytelling is at the very heart of what I do. Sydney + Paxton have the sweetest story to tell + they told it so well through the letters they read to one another on their wedding day. Letters read aloud that come from precisely who you are make the best soundtrack. (An amazing wedding singer doesn't make a bad soundtrack either! Watch until the end to hear their wedding singer totally nail the song sung during their ceremony!)

They went on their first date when Sydney was sixteen. Paxton loved Sydney right took her a little bit to reciprocate those feelings but boy, does she now! These two are crazy for one another + it shows. 

They opted not to see one another before the ceremony + I think it was the perfect choice for them. Paxton's reaction to seeing his bride come down the aisle was so genuine + perfect. Their ceremony was just right + the dessert reception that followed was full of family + friends, drinking chocolate milk + eating the most delicious sweets. 

When the day was done, I was so encouraged by Sydney + Paxton. Five years of commitment to one another led to a beautiful wedding day. An even more beautiful marriage is sure to follow. 

Go marriage!