Lana + Trey

When Lana first inquired about having me film her wedding day, I was holding my breath + crossing my fingers that her wedding date + my availability would align. After some back + forth with her venue, the heavens shown down + we were a match made in bride/videographer heaven! 

I always love filming at Cedar Hall. There's simply not a bad location on the entire property. Stunning detail after stunning detail. And the weather was perfection to boot! I'm not exaggerating when I say that my cheeks were sore from the constant grin on my face throughout the entire day. 

Now, I'm a daddy's gal myself so when Lana's father, Jon, told me he had a letter for Lana but knew he wouldn't be able to hold up reading it to her in person, I knew that letter needed to be filmed + included in their film. Gather your tissues, y'all. It is so sweet. Follow a heartfelt letter from father to daughter with a genuine, fun love between a husband + his new bride...+ you have got yourself a story for the ages. 

P.s. Perhaps my favorite clips of the film are of Lana's impromptu dance when Trey has her wrapped in his arms. It was her natural reaction to his touch, as if the thought of her new life with her new husband forced her to dance a little; a natural + unstoppable reaction. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Callan! Go marriage!

Photographer: Studio Llotus
Florist: Kelly Flick
Dress: Low's Bridal
Band: Juke Joint All Stars
Makeup: Parker Gray
Hair: Tiffany Baker
Cake: Miss Muff'n
Venue/Caterer: Cedar Hall