Allison + Blake

I first met Allison eight years ago. We were sorority sisters; me a senior + Allison a freshman. We have a term in sorority life - Rush Crush. Allison was mine. I loved her the moment I met her, y’all. After graduation, we lost touch…until she called me shortly after she + Blake got engaged. I was SO SO thrilled she asked me to film their wedding day! I still have a special love for Allison + after getting to know Blake, I can see that they are perfect for one another.

Blake + Allison’s wedding day was probably the most relaxed day I have ever been a part of. Cathy from The Main Event is a HUGE reason this was the case! She is A+++. Allison + Blake surrounded themselves with wonderful friends in their bridal party + the whole day felt like a breeze. I loved seeing the genuine love between Allison + Blake all day long.

The live band was amazing + the party was rocking well until midnight! What a blast!

I am so happy for you, Mr. + Mrs. Ainsworth. So, so happy. Go marriage!