Erin + Chip

High school sweethearts turned husband + wife are quite uncommon. Documenting the wedding day of such a long-time love is truly special. Erin + Chip were so excited! Throughout the day, Erin would say, “This is so much fun!” They both really enjoyed every aspect of their wedding day. They soaked up every moment of privacy during their portrait session just the two of them + then they relished the time spent surrounded by their family + friends during the ceremony + reception. Erin + Chip know how to do a wedding day right by simply enjoying it.

Their wedding day was a dream. The getting ready portion of the day was relaxed, the ceremony was romantic, + the reception was a parTAY. The dance floor was never empty nor boring!

I love Erin + Chip. They sure do love each other. Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Myers! Go marriage!