Morgan + Caleb

Caleb had just one, simple rule for dating...and then decided when it came to Morgan, rules were meant to be broken.

Morgan is absolutely the most positive bride I have ever had the joy of working with. On her wedding day, also known as the hottest day of the year (seriously), she kept saying, "Ya know, it's really not that hot out here...It isn't too bad...I feel great!" And I genuinely think she believed her pep talks to herself. She is such a sweet person + it didn't take long to see that she is adored by her family, friends, + most of all by Caleb. 

Theirs was such a gorgeous wedding day! I always enjoy filming at Belle Meade Plantation because of it's natural beauty + character. 

I feel so honored to have gotten to film Morgan + Caleb's wedding day. Their personal vows + killer Best Man/Maid of Honor speeches made my job of telling their story pretty easy. It was so fun to create their highlight + showcase their love for one another.