Ashlee + Tyler

Wow. I genuinely can't find the words to say how much I love these two. My family first met Tyler 2 years ago when I filmed his baptism video; a short video to be played at church just before he was baptized. Logan + I ended up talking with Tyler for quite a long time that night + instantly loved him. We are also crazy about Ashlee...+ Ashlee is pretty crazy herself, ha! You won't find a more fun-loving gal. They are both amazing! 

Ashlee + Tyler's wedding day was the perfect mix of laughter + tears. There were moments that I thought I'd wet my pants from laughing so hard. And there were also moments that had me fighting back tears. I think their highlight film gives you a great look at those + everything in between. 

I love these two. God is going to use their marriage in crazy good ways. Congrats, Ashlee + Tyler!