Kelsey + Josh

I cannot begin to tell you how much the Ward family has meant to me over the years. So when Josh called me + ask me to film his wedding day, I was honored. Josh + I met many moons ago when we worked together at First Baptist Church in Huntingdon, TN for a summer. It is my home church + although Josh was living + attending church in Jackson, his grandfather was the pastor at FBC so we were both pretty stoked. That summer was a blast! We worked directly with the youth group + if you know anything about youth ministry, you know that anything can happen. So Josh + I got to scheme up tons of fun events + videos for the students + I learned he's just a super guy. 

It was so great to meet + instantly love Kelsey. Her dry sense of humor + matter-of-factness are things I appreciate. She's also super kind-hearted + you can tell she's adored by so many. 

These two have such a genuine + Christ-centered love for one another. I loved filming their day + capturing all the sweet smiles + passionate looks that they exchanged. The ceremony was perfect + the reception was a PAR-TAY. A groomsman literally ripped his pants while breaking it down...+ I caught it all on camera! I also had to resist the temptation of including Mrs. Lois, Josh's grandmother + my childhood pastor's wife, in every reception clip. This pastor's wife can dance, y'all! 

Thank you SO MUCH for having me, Mr. + Mrs. Ward. Seriously, honored. Go marriage!