Mandy + Sawyer

Hearing Mandy + Sawyer's friends talk about their relationship was super sweet. It seemed as though each friend had a specific memory of when they knew Mandy + Sawyer were meant to be together. I loved hearing their stories + learning more about Mandy + Sawyer's dating days.

I was THRILLED when Mandy told me that she + Sawyer wanted to nail their shoes on Murray State's shoe tree immediately following the ceremony. The shoe tree is one of my favorite traditions at MSU. If two students meet at Murray State, fall in love and then marry, they will have good luck if each partner nails a shoe to it. Mandy + Sawyer are both die-hard Racers (as am I!) so it was so much fun to get some footage of them in the quad embracing this tradition. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Lawson! Thank you for having me. Go marriage!