Allie + Justen

Allie + Justen are simply perfect for one another. They chose not to see one another before the ceremony so they were apart all morning. They chose to read the letters they had each written to the other for the camera: Justen reading his to Allie + Allie reading hers to Justen. I loved it! They were like secret messages to each other + a great way to document all the feelings + emotions that go into a wedding day. 

Allie was ridiculously chill. Possibly the most calm bride I have ever filmed. She instantly put everyone around her at ease. And Justen was just funny. He + his groomsmen kept me laughing with their antics + slam dunks...on a tiny basketball goal.

I had a wonderful time documenting Allie + Justen's wedding day! They are just so natural with one another + it is obvious that their friends + families adore them.

THANK YOU, Mr. + Mrs. Pollock for inviting me to capture your day. It was perfect + a true joy. Go marriage!