Laney + Logan

I knew that Laney + Logan's wedding day was going to be a fun one the very first time Laney asked me about filming it. She is such a spunky sweetheart + Logan adores her for it. 

The day was so much about family ties. I loved all of the sweet details. Laney chose to wear her mother's wedding dress. She had it altered quite a bit + she looked absolutely stunning in it. The church was as packed as I've ever seen one for the ceremony. So many people came to show love + support for Laney + Logan! The gorgeous reception took place in Laney's grandparents' yard + the send-off was complete with sparklers + fireworks. It was such a perfect way to wish the new Mr. + Mrs. Dillard a very happy beginning! 

Thank you so much for having me, Mr. + Mrs. Dillard! Wishing you two all the good stuff. Go marriage!