Emma + Jeremy

No doubt about it - June 11, 2016 was a hot day. But you couldn't tell it by the attitudes of those involved in making Emma + Jeremy's wedding day work. I love that my job involves getting to the venue early + that I get to see all of the "behind the scenes" happenings. There is so much love shown when family + friends work tirelessly + joyfully to make a wedding day dream become a wedding day reality. It was obvious that Emma + Jeremy are certainly loved. 

Their bridal party was so fun. Emma's bridesmaids were so helpful, funny, + gorgeous. Just wait until you see their dresses. Stunning! And despite being in nearly suffocating suits + one of the groomsmen having the stomach virus, (in 99 degree heat, no less!) they kept good spirits + kept us laughing. 

You're going to love Emma + Jeremy's highlight. The reception was quite the celebration + it's possible that it has the best dance moves yet.