Loni + Ronald

I dare you to make it through this one without busting a dance move. I TRIPLE DOG DARE ya. 

Man, oh, man do I love Loni + Ronald (RP). They're just the best. Their bridal party was amazing, too! I've never had so many folks offer to help me carry equipment or run grab something for me! (It could be my ever-growing baby bump that screams, "help me!") Either way, it was super sweet + very much appreciated. 

I love the way Loni + RP look at each other. They're smitten. It's perfect. I also love all of the slick dance moves that were happening at the reception. Genuinely the only hard part of my job - NOT dancing when the music strikes up. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Proctor! I'm so pumped that God saw fit to put such wonderful people together.