Sydney + Drew

We have known (+ loved) Drew for a few years now. He has been in our College Family Group at church. When he began to bring Sydney around, we were thrilled to see him light up around her. And of course, we fell in love with Sydney, too! 

These two are so, so precious. They radiate love for one another as they radiate love for Christ. Their wedding day was beautiful. Their emotions + reactions were completely genuine + raw. My cheeks were sore from smiling so hard all day long on their wedding day as I watched them fall even more in love with each other. I also cried, laughed, + giggled my way through this entire edit. I'm just so happy for Sydney + Drew!  

Sydney + Drew -- thanks for not only having me on your wedding day, but for also letting our family be a small part of yours. Go marriage! 

P.s. The cute little blonde ring bearer running down the aisle + tearing up the dance floor? He's mine. And I am crazy proud.