Megg + Jesse

Once upon a time, I was an intern at a church in Tennessee during the summers of my college years. I had the joy of interning with the youth group. Now, if you have any experience with youth groups, you know that junior high boys can, at times, be punks. Jesse Allison was possibly the biggest punk of them all. I mean, he + his buddies had me in tears on a mission trip once. (Of course I didn't cry in front of them. I wouldn't dare give them the satisfaction.) Eventually my skin toughened up + I learned they were joking. We also did quite a few lessons over 1 Thessalonians 5 - "Therefore, encourage one another + build each other up" -  which seemed to help. 

Fast forward to present-day + Jesse Allison is one of my favorite people. He's good buddies with my husband + even babysits my toddler when asked. He's a great guy. Grace. 

He married Megg. She is also one of my favorite people. She's big-hearted, genuine, + hilariously awkward. I can't tell you what a treasure it was to film their wedding day for them. I cried a lot. I'm just so happy for them both. God is good.