Lizzie + Cole

I’m convinced there will never be a more fun wedding day than Lizzie + Cole’s. What a wonderful team these two make! I feel extremely honored to have been asked to spend their wedding day with them! Never mind that there were flash flood warnings blowing up everyone’s phones + the insanely loud cracking thunder had us ducking for cover - the day was perfect.

To know Lizzie is to love her. I had a secret personal goal for the day: to capture Lizzie’s authentic laugh as many times as possible. Mission accomplished because Lizzie was laughing the entire day! Her hysterical tribe of sisters l had us all in stitches. There are four Balmer Sisters + it wasn’t long into the day before I was asking to be voted in as an honorary fifth!

What a PARTY. What a DAY. What a sweet, sweet love these two share.

Go marriage!

Emily + Daniel

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again - I love rainy wedding days. It isn’t a very popular opinion, I know but man, there’s just something so romantic + lovely about them. They bring us back to the essentials of a wedding day.

I have never met a more relaxed bride + groom. Emily + Daniel were both extremely chill (even when Emily dropped her earring down the drain of the sink). She simply borrowed a pair from a bridesmaid + declared, “I like this pair better anyway!” And that was the atmosphere all day long. Relaxed, energetic, + positive.

I am positive that these two bring out the very best in each other. They opted to read their letters aloud to one another + I am so glad they did. They tell their story beautifully.

What a wonderful wedding day! Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Kimble! I am honored to share your story. Go marriage!

Allison + Blake

I first met Allison eight years ago. We were sorority sisters; me a senior + Allison a freshman. We have a term in sorority life - Rush Crush. Allison was mine. I loved her the moment I met her, y’all. After graduation, we lost touch…until she called me shortly after she + Blake got engaged. I was SO SO thrilled she asked me to film their wedding day! I still have a special love for Allison + after getting to know Blake, I can see that they are perfect for one another.

Blake + Allison’s wedding day was probably the most relaxed day I have ever been a part of. Cathy from The Main Event is a HUGE reason this was the case! She is A+++. Allison + Blake surrounded themselves with wonderful friends in their bridal party + the whole day felt like a breeze. I loved seeing the genuine love between Allison + Blake all day long.

The live band was amazing + the party was rocking well until midnight! What a blast!

I am so happy for you, Mr. + Mrs. Ainsworth. So, so happy. Go marriage!

Erin + Chip

High school sweethearts turned husband + wife are quite uncommon. Documenting the wedding day of such a long-time love is truly special. Erin + Chip were so excited! Throughout the day, Erin would say, “This is so much fun!” They both really enjoyed every aspect of their wedding day. They soaked up every moment of privacy during their portrait session just the two of them + then they relished the time spent surrounded by their family + friends during the ceremony + reception. Erin + Chip know how to do a wedding day right by simply enjoying it.

Their wedding day was a dream. The getting ready portion of the day was relaxed, the ceremony was romantic, + the reception was a parTAY. The dance floor was never empty nor boring!

I love Erin + Chip. They sure do love each other. Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Myers! Go marriage!

Kelsey + Kyle

I have known Kelsey for quite some time + I have always known that she is genuinely fantastic. She is kind + loving + knows how to make everyone feel special. I was so pumped when Kelsey became my neighbor last year + even more pumped after meeting Kyle + hearing that they would soon be married. Doesn’t get much better than good neighbors, y’all!

After spending their wedding day with them, I am absolutely thrilled for both Kelsey + Kyle. They love each other so much…+ it shows. You’ll likely tell by their video that I loved capturing their pure excitement. They both have the best laughs!

Secret’s out: I love rainy wedding days. I find them so romantic. A rainy day wedding just seemed to fit Kelsey + Kyle; their style + comfort with one another. The day was perfect. I was thrilled to be a small part of it.

Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Johnson! Go marriage!

Sydney + Mark

Can we put twinkle lights in every tree, please? I am still dreaming about Sydney + Mark’s ceremony + just how gorgeous everything was! The florals by Sara + her team at Flower + Furbish simply knocked my socks off, as always. Both the ceremony + reception venues were just perfect.

My favorite portion of the day was when Sydney + Mark had their bride + groom portrait session. Rachael (Rachael Houser Photography) knew just how to get Sydney + Mark comfortable in front of the camera + the time was so fun. (And we were able to capture those gorgeous twinkle lights I mentioned!) Sydney + Mark had just officially become husband + wife + the joy was evident all over! It was just a joyful time!

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Wagner! Thank you for letting me capture the love you share!
Go marriage!

Amanda + Heath

For those of you who know me, you know I absolutely love a good story. Amanda + Heath have quite the story to tell! Their friendship survived preschool through their childhood as their love for one another surfaced in college. I think there's something so special about having known someone for all of life's phases...+ them knowing you. 

Amanda + Heath told their story beautifully throughout their wedding day. The letters they gave to one another that morning, the childhood pictures placed in various places, + the homemade video played at their reception showcasing Heath + Amanda's lifelong friendship are just a few of the things that made their wedding day so unique to them. Even the locations of the ceremony + reception were special, as their parents were wed at that same church years ago. 

Theirs was a gorgeous day + I was honored to capture their lifelong love. Congratulations, Amanda + Heath! Go marriage! 

Maggie + Sam

Her father blamed it on allergies but just one look at Maggie + you'll see allergies had nothing to do with the tears. She was stunning. Sam thought so, too. I simply couldn't decide which "First Look" moment to put first in their film, so they had to be intermingled together. Maggie was a show-stopping, tear-starting bride. And her inner beauty is just as radiant as her outer beauty. 

Maggie + Sam are two of the most loving people I know. They draw people in with their Christ-like joy + their genuine love. They attract children like magnets, hence why there was a parade of them down the aisle just before Maggie made her entrance! It was so perfect. 

When Maggie + Sam agreed to read their letters to one another in person, I was ecstatic. I just knew it was the perfect choice for them. I cried + laughed by way through filming their letter readings. The moment was so perfect! I love that they were sitting together, face-to-face, as they read. Their true personalities came through + I was able to capture the comfort they feel when they are with each other. 

I love these two so much. And I am crazy happy for them as they begin their life together. Go marriage!

Holly + David

Prior to the big day, I always ask my brides, "What is the one thing you want people to know about your wedding day?" Holly's answer? "That the dance floor was the place to be!"


The dance floor was indeed the place to be. I simply had to make an appearance + dance it out a few times myself. What a party! What a day! What a love! 

I can't wait for you to watch Holly + David together. I am obsessed with Holly's adorable laugh, and it works out nicely because David brings that laugh out of her often! I'm genuinely trying to find the words to tell you just how energizing these two are together but nothing I can think of seems adequate. 

This day was way, WAY fun. There was joy + laughter all day long. The day was relaxed + the party was hoppin'. David + Holly, THANK YOU. Thank you for portraying the fun of marriage. My hope is that you will watch this film + relive that fun for a lifetime. Congratulations + go marriage!  

Sydney + Paxton

I love stories. Storytelling is at the very heart of what I do. Sydney + Paxton have the sweetest story to tell + they told it so well through the letters they read to one another on their wedding day. Letters read aloud that come from precisely who you are make the best soundtrack. (An amazing wedding singer doesn't make a bad soundtrack either! Watch until the end to hear their wedding singer totally nail the song sung during their ceremony!)

They went on their first date when Sydney was sixteen. Paxton loved Sydney right took her a little bit to reciprocate those feelings but boy, does she now! These two are crazy for one another + it shows. 

They opted not to see one another before the ceremony + I think it was the perfect choice for them. Paxton's reaction to seeing his bride come down the aisle was so genuine + perfect. Their ceremony was just right + the dessert reception that followed was full of family + friends, drinking chocolate milk + eating the most delicious sweets. 

When the day was done, I was so encouraged by Sydney + Paxton. Five years of commitment to one another led to a beautiful wedding day. An even more beautiful marriage is sure to follow. 

Go marriage!

Lana + Trey

When Lana first inquired about having me film her wedding day, I was holding my breath + crossing my fingers that her wedding date + my availability would align. After some back + forth with her venue, the heavens shown down + we were a match made in bride/videographer heaven! 

I always love filming at Cedar Hall. There's simply not a bad location on the entire property. Stunning detail after stunning detail. And the weather was perfection to boot! I'm not exaggerating when I say that my cheeks were sore from the constant grin on my face throughout the entire day. 

Now, I'm a daddy's gal myself so when Lana's father, Jon, told me he had a letter for Lana but knew he wouldn't be able to hold up reading it to her in person, I knew that letter needed to be filmed + included in their film. Gather your tissues, y'all. It is so sweet. Follow a heartfelt letter from father to daughter with a genuine, fun love between a husband + his new bride...+ you have got yourself a story for the ages. 

P.s. Perhaps my favorite clips of the film are of Lana's impromptu dance when Trey has her wrapped in his arms. It was her natural reaction to his touch, as if the thought of her new life with her new husband forced her to dance a little; a natural + unstoppable reaction. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Callan! Go marriage!

Photographer: Studio Llotus
Florist: Kelly Flick
Dress: Low's Bridal
Band: Juke Joint All Stars
Makeup: Parker Gray
Hair: Tiffany Baker
Cake: Miss Muff'n
Venue/Caterer: Cedar Hall

Molly + Kyle

These two are pure joy. The most laid-back, let's get married, loving couple that you can imagine! Filming them on their wedding day was such a good time. Their families + friends were welcoming + warm...AND THE CHRISTMAS TREES. So many Christmas trees. They made the day even more whimsical! 

I loved all the personal touches that surround this wedding, but what I loved most were the people that surrounded Molly + Kyle. They are both so very loved. And they obviously love one another. I cannot wait to see how God uses their marriage for His glory. 

Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Jones! Go marriage! 

Kristin + Chase

Spending the day with Kristin + Chase was such a joy. Their love story is captivating + it didn't take long for me to see how absolutely adored they are by family + friends. 

There were so many details that made their wedding day stunning. I know that Kristin worked so hard + put a ton of thought into each one. Their wedding day was so personal. It was also so relaxed + comfortable. Everyone in attendance was at-ease. Kristin + Chase had a food truck come serve some delicious brick oven pizza + the donut bar to follow was the perfect compliment. 

I love telling love stories through film. This one is so unique. These two are perfect for one another + I am so thankful that their paths crossed + their families are now one. 

Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Mathis! Go marriage!

Photographer: Susan Jet - Clickin' for Missions
Florist: Teresa Pierceall
Dress: BHLDN
Groomsmen's Attire: Dilliards / Etsy
Makeup: Brooke Puckett
Cake: Karen Mathis / Reds Donuts
Caterer: Big Guys Pizza Grill
DJ: Devin + Deena Pittman

Rachel + Josh

If you want to talk about a good time, lets talk about Rachel + Josh. 

When I arrived at Buchanan Resort the morning of her wedding, Rachel + her bridesmaids were making a music video. Yep, you read that right. They were dancing + singing + having so much fun. I knew then that it was going to a great day. All day long, Rachel, Josh, + their families made me feel like part of the family. Their friends were hilarious + gave the camera lots of love. 

The forecast said rain but it just kept being pushed back later + later into the day. Before we knew it, it was halfway through the reception + there hadn't been a drop! Rachel was able to have her outdoor ceremony + her rockin' party under the fantastic white tents.

Everything about their day was gorgeous. What I love most about Rachel + Josh is the way they are together: comfortable and grateful. They are totally themselves with one another + they're very much aware of how blessed they are to be in such a love. Does that make sense? If not, watch their film. You'll see. 

Thank you, Mr. + Mrs. McKee! Go marriage!

Photographer: Darren Lykes / Fernweh Fox
Florist: Connie Bell / Vicky Hunt
Dress: The Dress Theory
Bridesmaid's Dresses: Vera Wang
Groomsmen's Attire: Men's Warehouse
Makeup: Gina Hampton
Cake: A La Mode Sweet Shoppe
Caterer: Coyote Blues
Stationer: Paper BLDG

Taylor + Wesley

When I met Taylor + Wesley, I was an instant fan. They are just super together + compliment one another is the best ways. Their wedding day was so gorgeous...+ SO fun. Wesley kept us all laughing while Taylor had us stunned with her natural beauty. 

My favorite part of the day was when we snuck away with their photographer (Makenzie Lynn Photography) to have a sunset session with just Taylor + Wesley. TAYLOR + WES SAT ON THE EDGE OF A CLIFF. I mean, I was PUMPED. We got some great footage/photos + had such a good time! They are so natural in front of the camera; loving on each other + laughing. 

I LOVED making this wedding film. It's one of those that I started + could not get to a stopping point because it was just flowing + natural. I hope you love it as much as I do. 

Congratulations, Mr. + Mrs. Morgan! Go marriage!

Photographer: Makenzie Lynn Photography
Florist: Jonathan at Walker's Bluff
Dress: Lillian West by Justin Alexander
Bridesmaid's Dresses: Azazie
Groomsmen's Attire: Street Tuxedo
Makeup: The bride did her own!
Stationer: WeddingVine - Etsy

Lauren + Sam

This one. Wow. 

I cannot say enough how much I loved filming + editing Lauren + Sam's wedding day. Lauren made the most stunning bride. My favorite quality of hers is her absolutely contagious laugh. It lights up any room + has everyone else joining in! I love it. 

Sam + Lauren have the most unique story that includes some sweet, sneaky grandpas + a secret shared horse, (more on that in their film). It's quite simply one of the best love stories I've ever heard. 

I should also mention that Lauren's dad is one of my favorite FOB's to date. Just watch. You'll see why. 

So, so happy for Lauren + Sam. Go marriage!

Photographer: Megan Vinson Photography
Venue: Deer Creek Lodge
Florist: J Petals Jayme Floyd
Hair and Makeup: Wild Orchid Salon And Spa
Dress: House of White
Cake: Deena Crowley
DJ: Matt Kelly

Laken + Wesley

My favorite weddings days are the ones where, at the end of it, my cheeks are sore from laughter. I've known these two for quite some time + it was no surprise that their wedding day was filled with laughter, fun, + love. You could not have hand-picked a better day in regards to weather + who doesn't love a rooftop, riverfront wedding venue?!

Laken + Wes are super sweet together. Their first look had me giddy for the rest of the day! Their families + friends were super hospitable + felt like my own as they welcomed me on to the dance floor at the end of the night. The whole day was a blast!

These two are so in love. I love that.

Congratulations to Mr. + Mrs. Lasher. Go marriage!

Amber + Matthew

Amber + Matthew's wedding day was such a sweet celebration of love, family, + friendship. Right away, I noticed just how close every relationship was. It was obvious to me that Amber + Matthew love others well, especially one another. 

As you'll see, Amber made a STUNNING bride + Matthew was such a good sport. He climbed in that tin fishing boat without (too much) hesitation so that we could get some super sweet footage of them immediately following their ceremony. I had so much fun with these two! 

Congrats, Mr. + Mrs. Delk! Go marriage! 

Photographer: Janet Lynn Photography
Florist: A Rose Garden
Dress: The White Room
Bridesmaid's Dresses: My Best Friend Jenna's
Groomsmen's Attire: Street Tuxedo
Makeup: Randilee Fields + Mary Beth McCoy
Cake: Destinee Geasley
Stationer: Meredith Gunn/Mississippi Ink

Morgan + Caleb

Caleb had just one, simple rule for dating...and then decided when it came to Morgan, rules were meant to be broken.

Morgan is absolutely the most positive bride I have ever had the joy of working with. On her wedding day, also known as the hottest day of the year (seriously), she kept saying, "Ya know, it's really not that hot out here...It isn't too bad...I feel great!" And I genuinely think she believed her pep talks to herself. She is such a sweet person + it didn't take long to see that she is adored by her family, friends, + most of all by Caleb. 

Theirs was such a gorgeous wedding day! I always enjoy filming at Belle Meade Plantation because of it's natural beauty + character. 

I feel so honored to have gotten to film Morgan + Caleb's wedding day. Their personal vows + killer Best Man/Maid of Honor speeches made my job of telling their story pretty easy. It was so fun to create their highlight + showcase their love for one another. 

Kody + Jesse

This is the kind of wedding day that a videographer's dreams are made of. Bold statement, I know, but it's 100% true. Perfect weather, relaxed bride, smitten groom, friendliest of family + friends, stunning flowers, & awesome photographer. 

Kody wanted to be married at her dad's hunting lodge + it was so perfect. I felt like I was totally not in western KY anymore when I looked at their ceremony site. It was just surreal. 

Kody + Jesse were a joy to work with. Kody is a true southern sweetheart! Her laugh is super contagious + her southern drawl is stinkin' adorable. She can also rock a flower crown like no other! I'm so happy for these two. They make a great pair. 

Go marriage!