28 DECEMBER 2016

We had such a wonderful Christmas! And I had a serious itch to document it. It's probably because I have taken a break from SSP since the birth of our second (awesome) son. I simply needed to film something. Plus, I think it's a teeny bit odd that I document other people's big moments + neglect to document mine.

So, here it is! Christmas 2016, SSP style. Simple, but it makes me grin so big. I really love my family.
Merry Christmas + Happy New Year!


I'm accustomed to being discrete while filming a wedding day but staking out in a cramped dugout while trying to stay completely hidden in order to capture a proposal is a whole new ball game! Pun intended.:)  :):)  :) :)   

Some of the footage may be a bit shaky but the love is so steady, y'all. Ah! I got jokes today!

Proposals are fun. Congrats to two of our favorites, Ashlee + Tyler!
As always, go marriage!

10 JULY 2016

I genuinely can't find words to say how much we love this little dude. Happy birthday, Haron James!

8 JULY 2016

Tough week? Me, too. Praise Jesus for all-star supportive folks, a hard-working husband, + impromptu dance parties!

Hands down: the hardest part of my job is NOT dancing at the reception with the rest of ya when the band/DJ drops a beat. (Rough job, huh?) Here's a quick montage of some slick dance moves from my last 10 weddings. My sincere hope is that it sparks a dance party right now, right where you are! I think we can all agree the world needs one.

Keep on bustin' moves, folks! You never know when you'll make an SSP highlight reel. ;);)

12 AUGUST 2015

I had the joy of filming the staff videos for Hardin Baptist Church last week. These folks are the best. 
Check out their totally new website at hardinbaptist.org

And come visit! Services are Sundays at 7:50AM, 9:15AM, 10:40AM, + 6:00PM.
My dudes + I attend the 9:15 service. We'd love to see you! 

30 JULY 2015

Merriam-Webster defines VLOG as: a blog that contains video material. DONE

We're keeping it simple here. Unless otherwise noted, everything will be filmed using my iPhone. I just want to give a tiny glimpse of life + in real life, it's impossible to carry a ton of video equipment everywhere...especially when you're carrying a toddler everywhere.

A short video of our trip to Louisville last weekend. We had a great time visiting Logan's parents. A super awesome bonus is that our sweet friends, the Dukes + the Duncans, live in Louisville now, too. (They're also 4 of HayJ's favorite people.)

It's basically of video consisting of clips of HayJ. Give the people what they want, right?